Homes, houses, residences, estates, manors, mansions, palaces and castles in the air. We build them all - well not the last one, of course.

Seriously, we love building and renovating homes that are truly remarkable. It's our passion. We treat each new project as if it's a professional marriage among the architect, homeowner and us. In order to produce an extraordinary product, it has to be a good relationship. And the experience should be unforgettable (but in a good way!). The fact that many architects and clients use our services over and over again suggests we're doing something right.

Because our standards are so high, years ago we created our own millworks facility and filled it with the finest equipment we could buy. We trained all our talented craftsmen to turn out perfectly milled woodwork. As a result, we literally can make anything and produce items with the most intricate details.

Our vision was to combine the old-world approach of uncompromising quality with the precision and efficiency that modern technology affords. With our millworks, cad drawing and skilled staff, we have the technical expertise, knowledge and drive to build your project to perfection.

We also offer a myriad of professional consulting and building services too numerous to list here. Please call our office to see how we can help and get your questions answered. Our staff is ready to assist, be it a small project or grand.

Thank you for considering Roger Wilkie, Jr. Builder, Inc.